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Melissa Brumer, Director of Program Operations

Sublime Media

Seattle, WA

I worked with Ashley on the Windows 8 project at Sublime. I was immediately impressed with her work ethic and positive attitude. She was always willing to take on more responsibilities and do so with a smile. I believe she inspired others on her team to do the same, which lead to a much more pleasant work environment on an innately stressful project. As the lead Quality Assurance Editor, I especially liked working with her because the quality of her work was consistently high, and when I did give her feedback, she would take it in stride and I would not have to give her the same feedback twice because she excelled at learning and improving. As a co-worker I really appreciated her work ethic, professionalism, positive energy, and booming laugh. I've remained friends with Ashley because I've realized that these qualities shine through in all aspects of her life--she continues to inspire me to learn and grow and be the best person I can. I can recommend Ashley without any reservations to do just about anything and prove herself an asset to any group or team.

Matt Mow, Chief Learning Architect

Sublime Media 

Seattle, WA


Ashley came on board as part of our Windows 8 development team approximately 8 months before product launch. This initiative was critical for both the success of Microsoft's product launch and for our company as a service provider. 

Ashley was assigned as an Instructional Designer on a team of 5+ people. The project demanded constantly changing requirements, a staggering number of physical deliverables, and a schedule that required a very quick turn around. Over the course of eight months, the project team created over 400 individual deliverables including everything from courseware, to instructional videos, reference cards, and instructor resources all focused on creating customer-facing materials for the launch of Windows 8.

Ashley worked very well in a team environment, partnering with peers and management to work towards common goals. Her dedication was clear during our most intense development times, working extra hours, weekends, and many late nights. Her focus was clearly on the quality of the product and completness of content.

I can recommend Ashley without reservation based on her work ethic, dedication, and ability to work in a team environment.


Lisa Frumkes, Senior Director, Content Development

Rosetta Stone

Seattle, WA

Ashley did a masterful job of rewriting problematic content and making it sing. She regularly went above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. She takes direction well; she also knows when to ask questions and when to just barrel through to get the work finished. What's more, she cares deeply about the quality of the work she produces. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

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